Urban Spaces

signs of lowcolor

Signs of Low Color

Germans love signs, we love to tell each other what not to do and where not to do it. Here is a small collection purposefully...

A passageway and some shoppers

Photowalk Potsdam #1: Passages

A gray and overcast day. Still people were doing their shopping. I was more interested in all the entrances, passages and courtyards throughout the city....

berlinwalk2022feb v6 rotated

Photowalk Berlin #1

Just me, my camera and maybe a pleasant companion. This time I went through the districts of Friedenau and Wilmersdorf. The weather was sunny but cold.

windowshopping v1 rotated

Window Shopping

The term window shopping describes the activity of looking into shop windows without buying anything or sometimes even entering the store. This is what I...