• Commute


    The commute. A noun describing the regular journey between home and place of employment or education. Or what I like to call it: The biggest waste of time ever spent with people you do not want to be with. A few musings about commuting. My employer at the time was very keen on being present […]

  • On Beauty, Age and Sexual Attraction

    On Beauty, Age and Sexual Attraction

    I went on a walk with a friend of mine and she said, that she may only have a few years left where men find her attractive. She was talking about her 40th birthday coming up. She just said it and we were at a busy intersection so I did not really register it at […]

  • Tinder Selfies or a Self Portrait Session

    Tinder Selfies or a Self Portrait Session

    Last year during the first lockdown, when I realized that most of my social and cultural activities were either unavailable or too cumbersome, I thought about what kind of photography I could do at home. Back then I still only owned the X100F so macro was out of the question. How about self portraits? A […]

  • All those deaths stacked up

    All those deaths stacked up

    All those deaths stacked up (2014) I just discovered the Tuesday Photo Challenge and this weeks topic and the general situation with the pandemic got me to remember this photo. Now it would be easy to make a post about the deaths from COVID but I think we all have enough of this particular topic. […]

  • No worry no life

    No worry no life

    This is the dome of Sanssouci. One of the more famous palaces in Germany. Although “palace” is not quite apt for what is essentially a king’s summer house not larger than some big English manors. The name which literally means “no worry” is ironic for a king who threw his country into multiple wars some […]

  • All I really want

    All I really want

    There is a small or maybe hidden in plain sight reference in this post. If you find it you win a price. Maybe I’ll send you a print of one of my pictures. This post is one of the many steps in making my life an aspirational life. Photographic NotesI found this statue incredibly beautiful. […]

  • Life has its up and downs

    Life has its up and downs

    Click here to listen to some appropriate music from one of my favorites shows ever (plus beard goal 2021…not going to happen 😉 Life is a see-saw This part of the see-saw is currently on the up while my current mood seems to be on the down. Well it is easy to feel down with […]

  • Achievement, Aspiration and Motivation

    Achievement, Aspiration and Motivation

    I am stuck. A year and half ago at age 39 I enrolled into university again to study philosophy. Something I always wanted to do and wished I would have done when I was young. Today I am seriously not motivated to do anything about my studies. I simply can’t get up, read and learn […]

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  • Money is a Mirage

    Money is a Mirage

    I love money. Not in the sense of I want more of it (although I would not mind) but I love money because it is a most wonderful invention. Money is a mirage and a miracle. It is nothing and everything. It has no worth on its own but almost the whole world is measured […]

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