• Delightful friendship

    Delightful friendship

    I felt it was time for an essay again. Let us talk and think about friendship. About delight, truth and inspiration. I could not resist the pun. I took this picture while being out with a friend. And of course she is delightful. But being a delight is not all what friendship is about. Many […]

  • A Rococo melange of breasts (yes naked breasts)

    A Rococo melange of breasts (yes naked breasts)

    Potsdam is well known for it’s parks, castles and palaces. And of course every royal park and garden needs to be garnished with statues. Statues of former kings, queens, generals and other nobility. Statues of ancient statesmen and scholars, of mythological and religious figures. And, of course, statues of women with bared breasts. Because why […]

  • Best and most popular posts of 2021

    Best and most popular posts of 2021

    Well it is time for an annual review of 2021’s “best” posts. I mean the most popular posts of course. I don’t really care much about such metrics but I know people like lists and it is a fun exercise. Though I will not simply list the five most clicked posts because those will all […]

  • Virtuous Accessories

    Virtuous Accessories

    Virtue Ethics If you want to learn to about virtue ethics you have to start with Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. It is not an easy read and understanding Aristotle is hard work. But there is a shortcut: You can put a copy prominently on your book shelf and memorize a few key quotes to impress your […]

  • Running and shooting

    Running and shooting

    On my way back home, highly caffeinated and in good spirits. Camera in my hand, settings fixed and here we go. No plan, no preparation, just walking, seeing, shooting and never standing still. Always in motion, in flow and letting the scenes and people just enter my mind. A hyperactive variant of the photo walk. […]

  • Shadow under the bridge

    Shadow under the bridge

    In German the phrase “being (or living) under the bridge” usually denotes people who have no other place to be. Homeless people whose only shelter is the roof provided by roads and tracks crossing the river. Regular people usually avoid spending time under bridges. These places are often dirty, dark, damp, loud from the traffic […]

  • Caught


    I am not sure how it happened but a few dandelions were growing here. They got caught in a rusty old fence. They are stuck. As much as plants can get stuck anyway. Those flowers could not even bob and weave in the wind. They were prisoners. But their seeds were blown away (literally) by […]

  • Balance – what a delicate thing

    Balance – what a delicate thing

    Thank you to the kind person who allowed me to use this photo on my website. Also thank you for giving me some inspiration in the first place. I was sent this photo with the message “an invitation for mental images and philosophizing”. These are the kind of people I hang out with :-). Her […]

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  • It has been a while

    It has been a while

    It has been a while since I met someone new. It has been even more of a while since I visited Berlin. People were reluctant to meet and most places were closed in Berlin. Why bother sitting masked in a train to go where everything is closed and the winter weather makes long walks uncomfortable. […]

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