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I changed the name of this website. When I started out last year I had planned somewhat different content. My goal was to combine essays with photography. Some examples are my posts about the true self, sources of stress and the need to be seen as good. With time I realized that I want to focus more and more on photography. Especially documentary photography. I want to convey emotions, ideas, developments, events and moods through pictures and words. Examples could be my short story Glance Encounter, my collection of COVID warning signs, a depressed photo walk or the satirical affluent ghetto. I also very much enjoy my vintage lens adventures.

So with this in mind a name change was in order. Being one who likes to keep things simple I chose my name and added *.photography at the end. Whenever I met people in real life and I told them about this site it was such a hassle to explain the name to them. Mind you most people I meet are German speakers. Now they just have to take my name and add photography to it. Simple as that. It also makes very clear what this site is about. Alright….back to our regular programming.

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