• Classic Negative Evening Walk

    Classic Negative Evening Walk

    I love Fujifilm cameras because of their built-in film simulations. These give images a certain look without much editing. And not only that, they offer a unique and consistent look. For color images I mostly use Classic Chrome due to its subdued colors and complex tonality. Recently though I saw someone being very enthusiastic about […]

  • Fields and Leaves

    Fields and Leaves

    If you browse through my posts and images you quickly realize that my “sujet” is the urban environment, especially the ugly, neglected or utilitarian kind. Which is kind of ironic because these environments usually stress me out being highly sensitive. Maybe depicting them as empty and quiet spaces is my way to deal with them. […]

  • Park Sanssouci: Late winter impressions

    Park Sanssouci: Late winter impressions

    These are not my usual photography subjects but I felt like being a bit more in nature. So here are some mostly detail shots from Park Sanssouci. In late February it already felt like spring. About time. Old Leaves Evergreen Splendor Meticulous Photographic Notes:All images were taken with a Fujifilm X-E4, the XF 27mm 2.8 […]

  • Late afternoon walk

    Late afternoon walk

    A few days ago I met with someone and we had planned a pleasant photo walk. Unfortunately the weather did not quite agree and we had to work with an overcast sky and lots of wind. But taking pictures together and enjoying each other’s company was more important that day. So we took a walk, […]

  • Tulips and Leaves

    Tulips and Leaves

    Nature photography is not my usual subject but when the mood strikes me right I do enjoy some simple landscapes or nature motives. I chose these two images because my wife likes them. They make for a nice pair and we have them hanging at home printed on aluminum next to each other. Interestingly both […]

  • Leaves the Bench

    Leaves the Bench

    A vintage lens the FUJINON EBC 28mm/F3.5 This is one of the first images I took with my new (used) Fujifilm X-T3 and a vintage lens. In this case the FUJINON EBC 28mm/F3.5. It is a classic wide angle lens from the late 70s and early 80s. So about 40 years old. Mine is in […]

  • Storm Damage

    Storm Damage

    That is how my local park looked with rather severe storm damage. Heavy storms are not really the norm in mainland Germany but they do occur mostly in late autumn and early winter. The park was not very well maintained due to budget cuts and the storm took its toll. The whole area looked like […]

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  • Empty Tree Crown

    Empty Tree Crown

    This is the beginning of a series I want to establish on this blog. I will simply pick a random image from my collection and try to write something about it. I took this picture on a stroll trough the park. They crop the trees into these ball shaped crowns. It looks especially interesting in […]

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  • Caged Nature

    Caged Nature

    I took a stroll trough the city a few days back and was able to wander the grounds of a local vocational school. The school was closed due to COVID19 so I had the space for myself. I really enjoy it when I can explore urban places that are empty. So in a sense this […]

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