I signed the Great Barrington Declaration

I signed the Great Barrington Declaration
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I had planned to write a couple of posts [1,2] about the many restrictions imposed upon us due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead I will talk about why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

Captured by fear

Although I agree that the pandemic needs a proper response I feel that the governments lost sight of their actual goal. That is protecting the vulnerable from this new disease, helping or funding research into vaccines or treatments while keeping life going as normal as possible.

Instead governments have been captured by public fear and are now trapped in a vicious cycle of producing ever more restrictions, rules and regulations. We are looking full of panic onto infection numbers even though the overwhelming majority of people suffer from the equivalent of a cold or maybe a flu. It seems that the only goal of governments is too keep infection numbers down no matter what instead of looking at the hard truth that this infection will inevitably spread. We can not keep this up until we maybe have a vaccine.

There are children missing their ever more important education and vaccinations, families are pushed into poverty, medical procedures are delayed because capacity is held for potential COVID patients, whole livelihoods and businesses are being destroyed. We personally were unable to say goodbye to a dying family member in a nursing home because the residents were essentially imprisoned.

Corona Rules are increasingly irrational

The corona rules in my country are increasingly irrational. People from the big city nearby are not allowed to stay the night in a hotel or paid accommodation due to infection risk but no one is stopping them from visiting for a day and mingle in museums, restaurants and shopping malls. They can stay the night with friends or family and potentially infect them instead of staying at a hotel that might have implemented proper precautions.

Other countries have sprayed public roads and city streets with disinfectant. The rationale behind this can only be that someone in charge wants to be seen as “doing something”. Or maybe people want to get drunk by inhaling alcohol based disinfectants (this is a joke).

Children are supposed to wear masks in school except in the classroom, they need to wear outdoor clothing because the teachers are supposed to open the windows every 20 minutes and this in the winter time (here winter is usually wet and cold). More children will become sick from these measures than from the virus.

Some cities will soon mandate mask wearing in public. A measure very marginally effective at best. Constant mask wearing creates a psychologically unhealthy atmosphere of fear and danger even though the science behind simple cloth masks against a pathogen that spreads mostly via aerosols is spotty at best. We take away the important non-verbal communication and become estranged from one another. There already is less small talk and less mingling in public.

Target Fixation

I am not even talking about the enormous economic damage wrought not only by the pandemic but especially by lock-downs. Even though some positive trends have been accelerated the damage will be felt for years to come. For many people home office and Amazon prime make this pandemic an inconvenience but for lots of people in less developed countries this can even lead to having no food on the table.

I feel governments have what military aviators call “target fixation”. One becomes so focused on one target as to forget everything around and eventually even colliding with the target. Our politicians seem to be target fixated on infection numbers and they completely miss the big picture and the associated necessary trade-offs.

Why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration

That is why I signed the Great Barrington Declaration. It is a well formulated and sensible declaration that is rooted in the science how I understand it. There is nothing about conspiracies or secret plans. It is about showing politicians that they have lost sight of the bigger picture and that they will wreak more damage than they try to prevent.

This is all I will say for now about the Coronavirus pandemic on this blog. There is enough virus content online. This place shall be about all the other things in life.

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