I have a shop now

I am offering a small collection of photos in my new shop. Every photo can be found on the blog so you can read up on it’s story or my accompanying thoughts. They will soon be linked with each other. Every photo has been carefully selected and I hope you will enjoy them.

The printing and delivery will be handled by fineartamerica. They offer a variety of print formats and sizes. From affordable posters to premium framed canvas prints. My personal favorite that I use at home is actually metal print. They look absolutely great for black and white. They ship worldwide, are reliable and have great customer service. All your personal information and payment data will be handled by them. If you don’t want to shop from my website you can also order directly from fineartamerica.

There are ten photos available right now but I want to highlight this one in particular. It was taken in a small town in Saxony, Germany where a few of the streets and buildings were yet to be renovated. The bus stop serves the small community of mostly elderly people. As with many small towns in East Germany the young left for the big cities or even other countries in search of better prospects. Left behind are the old. Because many of them no longer drive a car the town hired a few small buses that connect the main attractions of the city. Those are the marketplace, the newly built supermarket, the train station and the cemetery. It is very strange to see a group of elderly people get onto a bus with a sign on the front showing the destination as “Cemetery”.

old street with bus stop
slanted (2013) Olympus PEN E-P1 M.Zuiko 17mm F2.8

If you are interested in buying this print you can order one here or here.

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