Part 1#: I am degoogling myself

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I have been using Google services for more than a decade now. Back then when their motto still was „Don’t be evil“. First it was only email, then YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Notes, Photos and Maps. Everything is seamless, slick, fast, easy to use and convenient.

But for quite some time I felt uneasy about the amount of data Google amasses especially in connection with a smartphone. So always wanted to wean myself off of Google but found it every time to difficult, burdensome and expensive. Google is mostly free after all except for the very low prices for storage.

Nevertheless I took the step and actually signed up for a privacy oriented mail and cloud storage service. Both cost money of course but am paying like half a Netflix account if I had one so it is affordable. What is the most obnoxious thing is migrating everything from Google.

They do not make it easy to download and delete your data. Of course all the options are there but you have to search and look and read so many webpages to get what you want. For example I had to delete 10.000 photos by hand. Took me over an hour.

Then some services are very difficult to replace. I use and share Google Drive documents which I could replicate offline but then I would not have access to them when I am out which is exactly why I made them with Google Drive in the first place. Most Google Maps replacements are simply not as good. Google Photos was very useful for sharing family pictures.

I will probably post more about each individual service I replace if you are interested.

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