who is thedullchannel

My name is Paul. I am a documentary photographer from Germany.

I have a vocational degree in computer science and business administration. I studied political science, economics, public administration and philosophy with a degree in public administration. Next to my photography I work half a week in IT management.

I was born in the 1980s in what was then called the German Democratic Republic (Eastern Germany) and went to primary school behind the Iron Curtain. The rapid changes after reunification impacted me deeply and opened my eyes for the kind and pace of change. I grew up in Germany’s capital Berlin and was able to witness the amalgamation of two systems and the accompanying developments. I think this sparked my early interest in documenting these changes

I have been a documentary photographer since the early 2000s. I used to share my work on different websites and sold some pictures to other websites and book publishers. I also ran a similar blog back when blogging was still very new. My more traditional career (and marriage) took over though and while I was still doing photography I mostly did it for myself and neglected the publishing of my works. Having done enough of a career in my uncreative day job I decided to reduce my working hours to be able to concentrate on photography again.

This website

I am very passionate about the pursuit of truth and meaning and I am always trying to learn more about society, economics, psychology, philosophy, arts and culture and of course urban life. With this website I want to use each image or set of images as an anchor for these different topics. I want to document the life around me.


All images shown on this website (except when noted otherwise) are the sole intellectual property of myself ). If you are interested in using one of my pictures please contact me. Have a look at how you can work with me.

You are free to link to and excerpt any post (including a small thumbnail picture) but you are not allowed to republish any work without my prior consent. Please do not link directly to the images but to the accompanying post. Thank you.

You can use this form to contact me. I will try to answer you as fast as possible. If you feel uncomfortable using a contact form you can email me at paulhoppe.photography[at]mailbox.org